CFL honored by The Center in Asbury Park

CFL receives Community Leadership Award at The Center’s Second Annual Red Heart Awards Gala in 2014.

Cabaret for Life was honored by The Center in Asbury Park on Thursday evening, October 2, 2014, with the Red Heart Award for “Outstanding Community Leadership.” Since our inception in 1995, CFL has contributed annually to The Center and actively participated in their fundraisers. CFL Founder Andrew De Prisco and The Center Founder Fr. Bob Kaeding worked together in the early 1990s to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and began their respective organizations to make a difference in the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. Today CFL continues to support The Center as well as other community groups that help people suffering from debilitating illnesses, including AIDS, cancer, lupus, heart disease, Crohn’s and colitis, sickle cell anemia, and others.




CFL Beneficiary Spotlight: Mary’s Place by the Sea

CFL board member Diane Wran-Farris (left) with Mary’s Place co-founder Maria McKeon (Photo: Bridget Gannon)

On Friday, July 25, CFL board member Diane Wran-Farris visited one of our favorite beneficiaries, Mary’s Place by the Sea in Ocean Grove, NJ. She met with co-founder Maria McKeon and enjoyed a tour of this wonderful retreat place. Diane found the environment well appointed, comfortable, peaceful — perfect for a place of rest during and after cancer treatment. Mary’s Place has four guest rooms. They have served over 3,000 female “guests” during the past five years. In addition to our area, “guests” have come from South Jersey, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Connecticut.

A grassroots community service non-profit, they depend on donations, volunteers, grants and fundraising. The center also provides resources for those in need of emergency financial assistance as a result of being unable to work due to cancer treatment. You can learn more about how emergency financial assistance can help people in need by clicking here. They also recently received two Nutrition Grants and greatly appreciate CFL’s continued support. Two important fundraising events to support Mary’s Place are just around the corner:

“Moms Rock the River” on Saturday, August 16, featuring a 1-mile paddle race on Shark River followed by a rooftop bash, sponsored by Summertime Surf.

“Let’s Build it Together,” honoring Neptune native and Mary’s Place supporter, Pat Battle of NBC, on Saturday, September 6, a kickoff fundraiser to help raise $2 million needed for their new home, for which they will breaking ground on Main in September.

To find out more about Mary’s Place by the Sea or to make a donation, visit